Gallery Night – paintings on wood

Gallery Night’s here again, so come see us, see some art, nibble on some snacks, chat with friends and strangers, and dance if we can find a boom box! Friday, January 20, 6:30 PM -10 PM, at the ROSENBLATT GALLERY, 181 N Broadway, 2nd floor, OPENING RECEPTION for: Joe Boblick, Steve Hopkins, Davey Noble, and Elizabeth White, and for more of Suzanne Rosenblatt’s paintings on wood. Also on view, an ever-changing collection of sculptures by Adolph Rosenblatt, and at CUVEE, 181 N Broadway, 3rd floor, RECEPTION FOR recent paintings by Eli Rosenblatt


The weeping willow dances in the breeze, and so do I.
But the willow has a different choreographer, though sometimes I give it a try,
try to choreograph the trees with my brush or pen,
and they dance according to my whim.
And sometimes the trees choreograph me,
not from just their outside appearance, from their in.
For when I paint on wood, I let the grain below
tell my brush where to go.

Read more on Shorewood Now.

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