25th Annual Earth Poets & Musicians Performances

Jahmes Finlayson, Holly Haebig, Louisa Loveridge-Gallas, Jeff Poniewaz,
Suzanne Rosenblatt, Harvey Taylor
Special Guests: Dena Aronson & Michelle Hatfield
7 PM Interactive poetry and music for the whole family, share your own earth poems
8 PM Earth Poets and Musicians
Free Admission,
Donations to the Urban Ecology Center Welcome
There’s a separate event page for the April 21st performance at the Coffee House!


Our planet’s climate has gone roller-coaster see-saw wild! We’ve had the warmest, driest winter, while others roll in snow or freeze. Melt burn quake, we never know the headlines ahead of time, at least there’s no tsunami in Miami. Since 1988 the Earth Poets & Musicians have used wisdom, vision, irony, rhythm, music, and even humor to remind audiences that Earth’s a wondrous place, and we want to keep it that way. On April 14th at the Urban Ecology Center and on April 21st at the Coffee House, they will remind us once again, for the 25th consecutive year!

Facebook event link

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Gallery Night – paintings on wood

Gallery Night’s here again, so come see us, see some art, nibble on some snacks, chat with friends and strangers, and dance if we can find a boom box! Friday, January 20, 6:30 PM -10 PM, at the ROSENBLATT GALLERY, 181 N Broadway, 2nd floor, OPENING RECEPTION for: Joe Boblick, Steve Hopkins, Davey Noble, and Elizabeth White, and for more of Suzanne Rosenblatt’s paintings on wood. Also on view, an ever-changing collection of sculptures by Adolph Rosenblatt, and at CUVEE, 181 N Broadway, 3rd floor, RECEPTION FOR recent paintings by Eli Rosenblatt


The weeping willow dances in the breeze, and so do I.
But the willow has a different choreographer, though sometimes I give it a try,
try to choreograph the trees with my brush or pen,
and they dance according to my whim.
And sometimes the trees choreograph me,
not from just their outside appearance, from their in.
For when I paint on wood, I let the grain below
tell my brush where to go.

Read more on Shorewood Now.

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Holiday Party and Unhanging

Don’t be unhinged by Unhanging. We’re just celebrating the holiday season with a party and giving everyone another reason to see, or re-see, the exhibit of recent work by Eli Rosenblatt, Jennifer Espenscheid, and John McWilliams before it’s unhung at the end of the month. Eli’s webpage has photographs of many of his paintings, though not the work in the show.

There is also an event JAM FOR LIFE in Verduras-Tea Cafe on the first floor of the Artasia/Rosenblatt Gallery/Cuvee/Verduras building. So come and party on all three floors!!

Friday, Dec 9, 5:30 pm until 10:00 pm
Rosenblatt Gallery & Artasia Gallery and Museum
181 N Broadway, Milwaukee, WI

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Earth Day Earth Poets and Photoscapes

Crumple the calendar, toss it into recycle, it no longer suffices.
Earth Day, Poetry Month, Gallery Night.
Emails, iPhones. iPads, iPods.
Texts, tweets.
Forest fires, oil spills, mine collapses.
Quakes, tsunamis, tornados.
Rallies, revolutions.
A moment of silence for the dead, a century of noise for the living.
Everyone on the move.

What’s the next event?
autumn forest scene

For me it’s the OPENING RECEPTION for PHOTOSCAPES, (PHOTO-ESCAPES?) featuring Mark Baran, Steven Crossot, Art Elkon, Keith Knox, & me, at ROSENBLATT GALLERY, 181 N. Broadway, Friday, APRIL 15, 6:30-10 PM. I travelled the world with a brownie for years, have since upgraded, and last October found myself snapping up the unexpected beauty of autumn in Harriman State Park (NY).

That’s why I’m in a photography show for the first time. What’s the next event?

For me it’s the 24th ANNUAL EARTH POETS & MUSICIANS PERFORMANCES on April 16 and 22. 24th annual, two performances every April, and I’ve never missed one.

SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 8 PM, THE COFFEE HOUSE,  631 North 19th Street. Jahmes Finlayson, Louisa Loveridge Gallas, Jeff Poniewaz, Suzanne Rosenblatt, Harvey Taylor, Holly Haebig Wake. SPECIAL GUEST: BRENDA CARDENAS,  Milwaukee Poet Laureate, Donation: $5.00

FRIDAY, APRIL 22, URBAN ECOLOGY CENTER, 1500 E. Park Place Jahmes Finlayson, Louisa Loveridge Gallas,  Jeff Poniewaz, Suzanne Rosenblatt, Harvey Taylor, Holly Haebig Wake, Special Guest: BILL MURTAUGH

7 PM Interactive poetry and music for the whole family, share your own earth poems

8 PM Earth Poets and Musicians, $5.00 per person, $10.00 per family, UEC members free

What’s the next event? JAM4JAPAN.

What’s the next event? We never really know!


Video from Earth Poets




Suzanne’s YouTube Channel

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Due to difficulties using the most recent versions of WordPress on the web hosting where the static site files reside, we have moved the RosenblattGallery.com blog here.


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The halls will be alive with the sound of music and soothsayers and art seekers and food eaters and the footsteps of dancers on bamboo floors. The Artasia building, 181 N Broadway, will host a benefit on Saturday April 16, 7 PM to 2 AM, to aid relief efforts in Japan.

JAM 4 JAPAN features live music by Ashland Slate, Jali Kunda, Loveall, and Nomad Soul, a silent auction, raffles, tarot card readings, and food from local restaurants & cafés. You can listen and dance to the bands in the Cuvée Champagne Lounge, see Asian art, crafts, buddhas, etc, in the Artasia Gallery & Museum, and contemplate PHOTOSCAPES, photography by Mark Baran, Steven Crossot, Art Elkon, Keith Knox, & Suzanne Rosenblatt, in the latest guest show at Rosenblatt Gallery.

The suggested donation is $15, though any amount is appreciated.
Portion of proceeds to benefit Red Cross relief in Japan:
50% of featured drinks at Cuvée and 20% of Artasia sales.

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Poet’s Monday

Poet’s Monday Presents Members of the Earth Poet’s and Musicians
Monday, March 21 at 9:00pm – March 22 at 12:00am
Linneman’s River West Inn
1001 E Locust St.
Milwaukee, WI, 53212-2637

Spring starts midnight Sunday, we’ll celebrate on Monday
Bring an Earth poem, muddy or clear,
A love poem, a ditty, something that’s witty you’d like us to hear
Come to listen, come to read, it’s nearing time to plant those seeds!

Featuring Holly Haebig, Jahmes Finlayson, Suzanne Rosenblatt and Harvey Taylor. 7:30pm, open mic, 9pm we are on! Tim Kloss Emcee, $3 admission.

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City Gathering of Activists, Artists and Culture Creators

Holly Haebig, Jahmes Finlayson, Suzanne Rosenblatt and Harvey Taylor will be performing Thursday, March 17, 5-9pm at The 9th Annual St. Patrick/St. Brigid, All City Gathering of Activists, Artists and Culture Creators at Club Timbuktu, 520 E. Center St.
$5 Donation requested (volunteer for 30-60 min. in lieu of $donation)
At 9pm, Mali Blues will join us and continue the celebration with music and dance!
And Mali Blues is a great band for dancing!!!!

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In our artwork we look at ourselves, laugh at ourselves, consciously or unconsciously paint ourselves. Or we gaze into others’ eyes and try to turn our paint into their emotions. We may lose the human figure in its surroundings, or let it overpower the space. Or perhaps we abstract it so much no one else knows it’s human. There are as many ways to look at humanity as there are people looking. And the latest show at the Rosenblatt Gallery features four very different artists, Davey Noble, Eriks Johnson, Virgi Driscoll, and Nancy Lamers, painting their fellow earthlings.

Jan 21, 2011 to Mar 4, 2011
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, Jan 21, 6:30-10:30 PM
Virgi Driscoll, Eriks Johnson, Nancy Lamers, and Davey Noble
Rosenblatt Gallery, 181 North Broadway, Milwaukee, 414-220-4292

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